Department of Tourism

The Department of Tourism was in need of a new logo. The old one was busy, outdated and didn’t speak of Vanuatu’s desire to foster sustainability, to protect the natural environment and human and ecological health, whilst driving innovation in tourism. The client asked for something fun and natural with an ‘environment’ colour pallet. It had to look like a ‘tourism’ logo but still work as a departmental logo. Taking design inspiration from Vanuatu’s custom sand drawings, we created a mark that incorporates Vanuatu icons: a volcano, a taro leaf, a bungalow, a turtle and a stylised version of the archipelago. The result is a vibrant, modern logo that can be adapted and also used provincially.

Communications Consultant

As the Communications Consultant for the Vanuatu Department of Tourism we have been fortunate to have worked on various engaging and challenging projects, including all the Sustainable Tourism Strategies and Plans including the Tourism Crises Response and Recovery Plan (TCRRP) and the Safe Business Operations Guidelines. We created and rolled out the first phase of the COVID Awareness Campaign as well as doing the project management and communications for the Niufala Rod Blo Tourism Week and Sustainable Islands Tourism Conference (SITC) events.